Monday, June 15, 2009

I've got a Secret...

Can you guess what it is?
Hint #1 is that it has to do with change.
This photo is a hint #2. :-)
Hint #3 is that we are having a sale, 15% off of everything in our store, now through Tuesday, June 23rd.
The first person to post here with the correct guess receives a surprise box of yummy fabric!


  1. Can I guess twice? ;)

    New summer inventory!

    You're moving your inventory? Maybe you just keep your boxes stacked by the wall like that...I'm moving myself so I've got it on the brain.

  2. Fall inventory has arrived? I'm already excited!

  3. i know! i know! pick me, pick me!

    a. hubby wants his marital bed back
    b. you cannot STAND any of those icky awful fabrics, so you are sending them ALL to ME! (no marital bed to worry about, so i can stack em everywhere!)
    c. fabric companies want their bailout back
    d. you're having more babies....seamstress/nanny/housekeeper wanted
    e. illegal shipment of HEMP disguised as adorable knits
    f. ok, you are building sets of shelves in the new store and need space (you already moved, once this year -- what are ya -- gypsies?!
    g. out with the old fabric, in with the new -- it's a Constitutional thing
    h. "mother-in-law" cottage out back is not big enough to suit mother-in-law.

  4. btw......hi, caroline..........this is me, Laurel Anderson the Terrible! :)

  5. what I think is...That your are thinking....I have to share all this beatifull fabrics whit all my costumers!!!!...well changes are always a big deal and a new start to... so maybe you big secret is, you are gonna have a discaunt in your reopening store and maybe a new website or a different way to sale your fabrics on line or a credit store?
    i just enjoy so much your online store and I wish you the best and your new store..
    sincerely.. irlanda

  6. what I think... IS that you are thinking, how could I share all this beautiful fabrics whit my costumers.....well changes are always a big deal an a good opportunity to make different ways to be better.... I think your big secret should be....A new website whit more options to shop and maybe credit store !!!

  7. Sunny Rose Garden you had me crackin up!!! awesome answers!

  8. I am excited! Now I need to go make some money so I can go shopping! FF is my favorate place to shop!!

  9. You are opening a lounge type store in your home town where you can do your internet business and meet and greet your customers both. Contrats....I am ticked that you are a wisconsinite like me.

  10. ....growing up in Michigan, we always thought you all were Wisconsinonians....... :)

  11. I think you are going to open a fabric brick & mortar store!

  12. Amber and Michel were the first to guess correctly, so you each win a surprise box of fabric. E-mail me at contact @ the fabric fairy . com with your address, and to let me know if you have any particular preferences in audience for the fabrics (e.g. teens, babies, boys). :-)

  13. I'm SO excited about this!!! Where will the store be? Do you have an estimated date when you'll open?