Saturday, July 25, 2009

Some photos of The Fabric Fairy's recent move...

First let me say, I dreaded this move. For weeks. We had 3 moving trucks packed floor to ceiling with fabric!!!! But now that its over, I can honestly say that it was so worth it! Here are a few photos of the move in process, enjoy!

Fabric, fabric, everywhere!

Starting to get the shelves loaded in our cutting room...

Our Japanese fabrics have their own special corner in our showroom!

And finally...a peek at the humungous cutting table we had made, so that we can get your orders cut and shipped out to you even faster!


  1. drooooollll !! wow. what a dream, what a home.....what?? it's NOT a HOME?? well, it SHOULD be a home! might be that little nest i plan on building after the suit will be a little log cabin in the wisconsin woods. an 'ABC' store -- ALL-BUT-CUT store!

  2. Wowza....I wanna be you when I grow up!

  3. Ooooh so exciting!!! Are you open yet? I can't wait to come see!!!

  4. We're not open yet, but SOON! We're working on getting together a class schedule and planning a grand opening party for sometime in the next month!