Sunday, October 11, 2009

Quilt Market Adventure Part 1

The excitement built as Megan (who does all of the fantastic photography and listing for The Fabric Fairy) and I left our babies and boarded our plane to go to Houston, Texas for the International Quilt Market. How often do we gals get a four day weekend away, no kids and husbands?!! We were going to take advantage! After a long and turbulant flight into Houston, we were pumped and ready to enjoy Fabric 2.0! Thanks to Caroline from J Caroline Creative for hosting a great meet and greet event for us tweeters and bloggers. After all the communicating on the internet, it was nice to meet in person Melanie, Myrinda, Cynthia, Jona, Gina, Michelle, Genevieve, and Jessica! With Cynthia at Fabric 2.0

First thing Saturday morning we hit the market show floor which, by the way, probably spanned at least a football field! It was HUGE!! Since this was our first market, we really didn't realize the scope until we arrived! We figured we would start at one end and methodically work our way through. Well, after only working our way through 5 aisles in 5 hours we realized we would have to move a little faster and stop oohing and aahing at everything we saw! It's hard though when everything is so saturated with color and is begging to be looked at and touched!

Tomorrow I'll continue my report on quilt market and all of the awesome new fabrics you are just going to love. For now I'll leave you with a glimpse of our first great find--a new pattern line just for boys called Hot Scott Patterns by Lucy Morey (who has 3 sons, so she REALLY knows boys and their clothing) The hip clothing and accessory line includes "The Field Bag", "Nolan Cap & Snack Sack", "Bermuda Shorts", "Skater Boy Applique", and "Cargo Shorts/Pants". Look for them on our site this week!

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of all the goodies to be arriving in the next couple months from our buying blitz this weekend!

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  1. my my.......that hot scott idea is really cute.....and so is that hot scotch behind you all! --- laurel, sunny rose gardens